Immigration laws

Why I have chosen immigration?

I picked immigration as my topic because I feel that it is a topic that is brought up a lot now especially with the elections being right around the corner. Also someway somehow we are all immigrants

Why immigration laws are good?

immigration laws are good because it provides road to citizenship for many of the 11 million without lawful status, It provides access to federal work-study and federal student loans for Dreamers and blue-card holders, it extends U-visa relief to immigrants workers who are retaliated against or who experience significant workplace abuse

Why immigration laws are bad?

The road to citizenship will be at least 13 years long for most people — 10 years of registered provisional immigrant(RPI) status and 3 years of LPR status, people granted provisional status (RPI, blue card, and V visas) are denied access to federal means-tested benefits, including Medicaid and food assistance these people are subject to a 5-year bar once they gain LPR status, so they are denied access to these programs for 15 years, People granted RPI status and those who overstayed a nonimmigrant visa may not claim social security credit for any quarter of coverage earned between 2004 and 2014 for which they were not authorized to work, increases the criminal penalties for illegal entry and illegal re-entry

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